An Investment Property is not a Quick Flip

A cash flow positive rental property in British Columbia is kind of like a pension plan and an insurance policy.  It’s also important to get the best mortgage rate possible by consulting a mortgage broker. Renting out an investment property can pay off for both landlords and tenants considering the prolonged rental housing shortage and […]

Big News: Canadian Government and First Time Home Buyers Incentive 2019

Starting September 2019, the Canadian government will be introducing a new way to help first-time home buyers to get into the market introduced by the Trudeau government as the ‘First-Time Home Buyer Incentive.’ This program will be available to households who earn less than $120,000 annually and the amount of the insured mortgage would be […]

Insured, Insurable, And Uninsured Mortgages

MORTGAGE RENEWAL RATES: RANGES If you’re using Google to shop mortgage interest rates you will see many rates with differences ranging from 0.20% to as high as 0.45%, or even higher. Banks offer various rates based on the type of mortgage meaning insured, uninsured, or insurable. Today, we are seeing the best rates available for […]