Custom Comprehensive Written Financial Projection

Analyzing Your Investments, Insurance, and Lending Options

All clients who complete a purchase of one or more insurance policies
will receive a complimentary custom financial projection.

Here are some interesting aspects to your financial projection and how each one can benefit your long term success.

Financial Forecasting
A financial forecast is an estimate of your income and expenses over a period of time. Based on that forecast, the we can  construct a financial projection that includes saving, investing or planning for obtaining additional income to augment your personal finances – as well as anticipating expenditures that would deplete them.

One of the topics that can always use a thorough examination is exactly what fees are 

being charged on your investment holdings. Have all the fees for your for investments been dissected and explained to you in a clear and direct manner ?  Your rate of return could be crippled by hidden fees, high fees, or continuous advisory fees when your portfolio is defined as a buy and long term hold.  Jaret is licensed through a securities firm which allows him to offer much more than traditional mutual funds.

Insurance Needs Analysis
Many people do not fully understand the insurance products that are available or their benefit plans at work. A review and explanation of your current insurance coverage will let you know if you are under or over insured.  Insurance is also a great vehicle for intergenerational wealth transfer and long term investing.

Lending Options
Are you looking to apply for a mortgage, reverse mortgage, or home equity line of credit ? I can help you set realistic goals and explain what factors can impact your borrowing ability.  

Comprehensive Financial Planning takes in to consideration a household’s uniqueness and then analyzes what types of investments, insurance products, and lending products are needed to help that household accomplish their financial goals now and long term.


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